About your Heera Jewellery:

Sourced from all over the world, created using the finest gemstones and precious metals, your Heera jewellery requires a little care and attention, to make it last forever.

Dust, pollution and chemicals tend to cloud the brilliance of the precious gemstones and dull the surface of the metal. To prevent this you should always clean your jewellery with a jewellery polishing cloth and store on a soft surface or a soft pouch or box while travelling.

Some basic care tips:

• Always remove your jewellery when applying any cosmetic products or lotions or while in contact with cleaning products, as they might contain traces of chlorine or other substances which can damage the surface of your jewellery.
• Store your jewellery separately in a fabric pouch, so that the pieces do not tangle, scratch or rub against each other.

Diamond Jewellery Care:

A diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth, however it can still suffer chips and fractures from sharp blows. Everyday activities like cleaning or doing dishes can cause damage to your jewellery. Be sure to remove the ring and other jewellery for any activities that can cause damage i.e gardening, gym or any manual labour. Cleaning a diamond may require a warm soapy liquid and a soft toothbrush. It is possible to scratch a diamond with a diamond, while storing, so keep your jewellery separately on a soft surface to avoid any scratching. To keep your diamond in place and secure in the setting, get it regularly checked by Heera.

Precious Metals:

With proper care, your Gold and Platinum jewellery will last forever.
Gold jewellery should be cleaned regularly to maintain its beauty. A soft jewellery polishing cloth  can be used to clean your gold jewellery.
White gold, which is achieved by mixing pure gold with white alloys  and further plated with rhodium to give it the colour, with time and regular use, the plating may wear off. Replating is a simple process, that can be done to achieve the new look again.
Platinum is naturally  white in appearance. It is dense and malleable which makes it resistant to corrosion and suitable to be worn every day. To maintain its beauty, it can be cleaned with mild soapy water and soft bristle brush.

Gemstone Jewellery Care:

A gemstone is a mineral crystal which is beautiful, durable and rare. With gentle care your gemstone jewellery can last forever. Always remove your jewellery when working with any household chemicals like hairsprays and cleansers. To clean your gemstones, wipe them off with a soft cloth as to some gemstones, soap or even hot water can be damaging. Get your gemstone jewellery inspected regularly  to ensure that the prongs in your setting are safely holding the gemstones in place.

Pearl Jewellery Care:

Pearls are an organic mineral which are much softer than most other gemstones which can be scratched easily. Pearls react well to the natural oils in your skin which can maintain its lustre. Always wipe your pearls with a soft cloth, after wearing. Never store your pearl jewellery with other jewellery as they can easily get scratched. Always store your pearl jewellery in a fabric pouch. Pearls can crack, if exposed to excessive heat or dryness.
Pearl and Opal jewellery are considered to be the last piece of jewellery to put on and the first to take off.                   

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