Its "that" time of the Year again.......

Its time to indulge in those festive traditions, where we can listen to lovely Christmas Carols, pull out our Uggs, sip in some warm and cozy hot chocolates and think of Christmas presents for our loved ones.

Its the little things that we've missed over the months, having long walks outdoors, seeing our family over dinners, leaving home without a mask, the year overall has'nt been very easy for us and you want to treat your loved ones with a something little extra, so here's our Christmas gift guide.

If you're looking for something special, a personalised gift like a piece of jewellery is a sentimental present. Jewellery is something you can treasure for a lifetime.


So... how do you know what product to select as a present, well here's a few that can never go wrong products:


if you're planning to propose during Christmas

An Engagement Ring is your answer!!!



If you really want to make this Christmas gift memorable consider a piece of jewellery with a personal touch an engraving of names, dated, initials or quotes.


With a tiny secret birthstone, set on the inside bottom of the ring, have your jewellery personalised with such elements and make it worth every penny. The tiny little elements are afterall what makes the effort extra special.



Alternatively if you wish to have an experience of the christmas lights and decorations in town, Hatton Garden is a beautiful place to have a day out and select your personalised jewellery. Visit our stores in Hatton Garden, to have a cozy experience while selecting on jewellery for your loved one, sip in some Prosecco at our store, get some pictures clicked in the "CHRISTMAS BAUBLE",enjoy a dine out at your favourite restaurant,



Christmas gifts are adorable and memorable. After a year full of lockdown and ascertanities, make a day memorable at Heera, selecting a perfect gift for your loved ones. Hopefully this article is helps you to find a perfect gift, our lovely team of experts are always there to make you feel comfortable and find something perfect for you.

To book an appointement or to speak to us

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